In Astana the Ministry of Defence hosted a solemn farewell retirement ceremony of  Major Generals Zhomart Kuangaliyev, Amanzhol Ospanov with the participation of the Minister of Defence of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov.

For the first time the Ministry of Defence hosted one of the most important ceremonies for officers - farewell to colour. In the presence of the guard of honor of the Kazakh Ministry of Defence and a color group there were read out departure orders upon reaching mandatory retirement age. Major Generals Zhomart Kuangaliyev and Amanzhol Ospanov rendered salute to the colour.

"Only real commanders, meritorious generals of our army, who being at the origin of its creation, complete active military service. Their knowledge and experience have greatly contributed to development of the military sphere  and defense power of our independent state," the Minister of Defence of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov said at the ceremony.

During the farewell ceremony there was shown a documentary about the military way of the generals, their growth and achievements.

It should be noted that Major General Zhomart Kuangaliyev headed the Central command post of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, Major General Amanzhol Ospanov – headed the Armament Agency. Military men has served 40 years in combat formation, most of which were devoted to formation of the native Kazakh army. Their comrades with whom they ever had served, as well as the entire staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with sincere appreciation mark their long-term work.

"I am confident that the high honor of serving to the Supreme Commander, the state and the people you will continue with dignity in future. This is especially important on the eve of the upcoming two significant events - the 25th anniversary of the state independence and the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the time when we are facing global challenges for defense of the country," the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan said.

Major General Zhomart Kuangaliev graduated from the Rostov Higher Military Command School and the Military Academy named after F. Dzerzhinsky. Before the establishment of the Kazakh Army served in the Altai Territory, as the only Kazakh-officer in the division with a higher military-special education "electrical engineer" of missile forces, got promotion to "Colonel" rank. He has the order of the 3rd degree "For service to Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces', "Aibyn” of the 2nd degree, "Dank" of the 2nd degree, awarded numerous medals. Major General Amanzhol Ospanov graduated from the Omsk Higher Tank Engineering School and the Military Academy of Armored Forces of Defense of the Russian Federation, awarded "Aibyn" of the 2nd degree and 8 medals – anniversary and service. Despite the young age, Major General Amanzhol Ospanov began service in Germany, where he commanded a Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSVG).

Press service of the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan

Published: 05 September 2016



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