Аким города Шымкент




Абдрахимов Г. Р. родился 23 января 1975 г. в Южно-Казахстанской области. Имеет два высших образования в области экономики и государственного администрирования. Владеет казахским, русским, английским и немецким языками. В разные годы занимал ответственные руководящие посты. Возглавлял Агентство РК по делам государственной службы, Агентство по защите конкуренции РК, работал руководителем Канцелярии Премьер-Министра, заместителем руководителя Администрации Президента РК, акимом Шымкента. Последняя должность — секретарь партии «Нұр Отан».

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov spoke about the plans for introducing the Kazakh alphabet in Latin script in the country's educational institutions.

"If the new script is approved, we plan to approve the schedule for introducing the new alphabet in all educational institutions of our country. We will discuss all this with the pedagogical, parental community, we will also have discussions with the Ministries of Culture and Sport, Information and Communication, and we will also coordinate this issue with the Presidential Administration and the Government. For the final decision-making, we will submit this issue and the schedule to the Parliament,” – he said, answering questions during the parliamentary hearings on the introduction of a new standard for the alphabet.

The Deputy Minister assured that there would be no rush; all work would be done systemically, systematically and strictly according to the approved schedule. The schedule will cover the training of personnel, the publication of textbooks, normative dictionaries, and grammar. Following that, it is planned to publish normative dictionaries, textbooks, teaching aids in volume form.

“Only after the qualitative completion of the most important and essential preparatory stage, we will begin the large-scale introduction of the new script in all education organizations. Here I want to emphasize that Cyrillic will remain in the teaching of subjects taught in Russian language. Accordingly, in schools using Russian language for teaching, all subjects, with the exception of the Kazakh language, English will be taught using Cyrillic script. That is, Latin will only affect the Kazakh language and all those subjects that will be taught in the Kazakh language,” – A. Aimagambetov added.


Deputy Minister of Investments and Development of Kazakhstan Yerlan Khairov met with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Chile Andres Rebolledo.

During the meeting the sides discussed a current state and prospects of development of trade and economic, investment cooperation between the two states.

The Chilean side is interested in signing a Free Trade Agreement with the EAEC countries.


Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov checked the security system of the Shymkent International Airport, railway and bus stations of the city.

Checking security systems of the airports and railway stations is necessary part of working trips of the Prime Minister to the regions. Heightened attention to transport infrastructure facilities with mass gatherings of people is due to increased anti-terrorism measures after the events in Aktobe on June 5 and Almaty on July 18, and in addition to the frequent terrorist attacks around the world. As a result of a terrorist attack in Turkey, on August 20, 51 people were killed, and 69 were injured. 

"Kazakhstan strongly condemns terrorism in all its forms, believing that nothing can justify the shedding of innocent blood, irrespective of the objectives pursued. Counter-terrorism is the main task of the world community. We stand in solidarity with the brotherly people of Turkey in the fight against this menace of the XXI century," President Nursultan Nazarbayev stated in a telegram of condolence to the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after the terrorist attack in Gaziantep.

Acting Chairman of the Board of “Airport Shymkent” JSC M. Shinibayev reported to the Prime Minister K.Massimov that Shymkent Airport increased security measures in June. Daily passenger traffic is about one thousand people, now all of them pass an additional security check at the entrance of the airport. The Prime Minister inspected the security system and assessed the level of anti-terrorist protection of the airport, and was familiarized with the reconstruction of the individual airport runway.  

In addition, Director of branch in South Kazakhsrtan region of “Vokzal service"  JSC E.Shintekov informed Karim Massimov about the security measures of the railway station of the city.

For reference:

Shymkent International Airport has been operating since 1968. Currently there is reconstruction of individual runway and a terminal building.

"Shymkent" railway station occupies 2,2 thousand square meters, everyday 28 trains ply. Average passanger traffic is 3.5 persons per day, carrying capacity - 5 thousand per day.

Through "Samal" International Bus Station daily ply 235 buses with a total passenger traffic up to 2 thousand daily.


Pavlodar region is an important development link of the agro-industrial complex of the country. In the course of his working trip to Pavlodar region, Prime Minister Karim Massimov visited "Pakhar" Farm LLP.

Head of the Farm Ruslan Aushev informed the Prime Minister of the course of implementation of an investment project on construction of an agricultural settlement and a housing-production complex for mass irrigation and cattle-breeding.

The project provides for construction of a dairy farm for 1,200 cattle heads and a feeding yard for 5,000 cattle heads and organization of an irrigated farming on a 9,200 ha area.

The project will enable to provide the region and the entire country with high-quality seeds and Angus breed of cattle for beef production and Holstein Friesian breed of dairy cattle. Besides, the new feeding yard will let increase the volume of sale of high-quality beef in Kazakhstani and the Customs Union markets at affordable prices.

For reference:

The aim of the program of agro-industrial complex "Agribusiness - 2020" for 2013-2020 is to improve competitiveness of the subjects of agriculture and to develop the agricultural sector as a whole.

As of January 1, 2016 the volume of meat production in Kazakhstan increased by 3.4% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 931.1 thousand tons, milk production increased from   2.3% to 5.18 million tons.

In 2015, the security of the population of the republic in beef from national production was 97%, pork - 98%, horse meat - 97%, mutton - 100%, poultry meat - 49%. Need Kazakhstanis in the milk of domestic manufacturers close to 92%, and dairy products - by 87%.


This month Kazakh Ministry of Investment and Development in conjunction with mobile operators is starting testing number portability services. Vice Minister of Investment and Development Askar Zhumagaliyev reports to the IIA "Kazinform".

"Now operators are completing the preparation of their networks and equipment for the implementation of number portability services. Then we will begin testing immediately, as from our part we have already completed technical works. As for subscribers, they will be able to use the service after the entry into force of amendments to the Law "On Communications", which is now under consideration in the Majilis," A. Zhumagaliyev informed.

Explaining the planned transition mechanism from one operator to another, Vice Minister noted that "the service will be free for the user to switch to another service provider, citizens need only write the appropriate application to the operator where he is going to be served". He also explained that during the transition, the subscriber will keep his phone number as a whole, including the prefix 701, 705, 708, etc.

Thus, after the introduction of this technology, it will not be impossible to determine service operator according to the phone number.

Meanwhile, A. Zhumagaliyev is positive that, launch services will affect the competition between operators.

"This is the main task that we set, starting this project. When the operator will learn that his subscriber can leave him at any moment, believe me, he will think more about the quality of its services, new, more profitable tariff plans," Vice Minister said.

"Probably, - A. Zhumagaliyev says – on the model of other countries, where the service has been launched, operators will focus on package tariff plans, offering subscribers to buy a package with a fixed number of minutes at a bargain price, and mobile gadgets with big discounts if the conclusion of a long-term service contract is provided".

Reduction in the interconnect rate up to 8 tenge this year, and up to 5 next year, will also cause the emergence of new, more profitable tariff plans, A. Zhumagaliyev considers.

We shall recall, the introduction of MNP service began in 2013 under the orders of the President on the need to improve the quality and reduce the cost of mobile services. In many countries, including Russia, this service is paid in Kazakhstan it will be free.


Аким Северо-Казахстанской области




Аксакалов Кумар Иргибаевич 1965 года рождения. В 1987 году окончил Московский институт инженеров сельскохозяйственного производства имени В.П. Горячкина, инженер-механик. Кандидат экономических наук.

В 1987-1989 гг. — главный инженер совхоза «Крыловский» Урицкого района Костанайской области.

В 1989-1991 гг. — первый секретарь Урицкого райкома ЛКСМ Казахстана Костанайской области.

В 1991-1992 гг. — главный инженер совхоза «Маяк» Урицкого района Костанайской области.

В 1992-1993 гг. — директор малого государственного предприятия «Новоселовка» Костанайского района Костанайской области.

В 1993-1996 гг. — заместитель генерального директора научно-производственного объединения «Костанайское» Костанайского района Костанайской области.

В 1996-1998 гг. — председатель колхоза «Север», президент АООТ «Север» Мендыкаринского района Костанайской области.

В 1998-2002 гг. — аким Мендыкаринского района Костанайской области.

В 2002-2004 гг. — аким Тарановского района Костанайской области.

В 2004-2006 гг. — государственный инспектор Отдела государственного контроля и организационной работы Администрации Президента Республики Казахстан.

В 2006-2010 гг. — заместитель акима Жамбылской области.

В 2010-2015 гг. — руководитель Центрального аппарата Народно-демократической партии «Нұр Отан», секретарь партии «Нұр Отан».

В 2015-2017 гг. — заместитель Руководителя Администрации Президента Республики Казахстан.

В марте 2017 года назначен акимом Северо-Казахстанской области.



Председатель Агентства РК по связи и информации

Родился в 1972 году.

Окончил Свердловское суворовское военное училище, Казахский национальный технический университет, Казахский гуманитарно-юридический университет, Швейцарский федеральный институт технологий (г.Лозанна).

Трудовую деятельность начал директором ТОО «Жарык». Затем работал заведующим сектором, начальником отдела, начальником управления в Министерстве транспорта и коммуникаций РК. Занимал должности заместителя председателя, первого заместителя председателя Агентства по информатизации и связи. Назначался председателем Агентства Республики Казахстан по информатизации и связи.

С октября 2006 года - президент АО «Казахтелеком».

В марте 2010 года назначен Министром связи и информации.

С января 2012 года - Министр транспорта и коммуникаций.

С марта 2014 года- Председатель Агентства РК по связи и информации



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